August 1st, 2008


Oliver Taylor in Billy Elliot The Musical: Selected Reviews

This is a "companion" post to my essay "Oliver Taylor's Last Night (and a Little Beyond): Rhapsody in Russian Blue". It is a collection of selected reviews of Oliver Taylor's "Billy Elliot the Musical" shows initially published at the "Billy Elliot the Musical - Complete Forum" that is now closed (with all its huge content lost). During his time as Billy (18 June - 15 December, 2007) in the acclaimed West End musical, Olly has performed in 50 shows. That distinctive one-of-the-kind portrayal resulted in 120+ reviews (not counting numerous short exchanges between members of the forum) unprecedented in terms of level of detail analysis and emotional involvement. Hopefully, this selection gives a representative flavour of it.

Thanks to all the authors for their permission to reproduce their texts here as well as to the photographers. Collapse )