Англофил (valchess) wrote,

Цитатник Англофила по выходным - 4: об английском характере

Об английском национальном характере:

What seems to have remained constant is a great resentment at being overlooked or controlled, a love of freedom; fortitude; a low interest in sexual activity, compared with most neighbouring societies; a strong belief in the value of education fror the formation of character; consideration and delicacy for the feelings of other people; and a very strong attachment to marriage and the institution of the family... The English are a truly unified people, more unified, I would hazard, than at any previous period in their history. When I was reading, with extreme care, the first batch of questionnaires which I received, I found I was constantly making the same notes: "What dull lives most of these people appear to lead!" I remarked; and secondly, "What good people!". I should still make the same judgements.

Geoffrey Gorer, from "Exploring English Character" (1955; книга написана на основании анализа 11000 анкет, полученных от читателей газеты "People").

(Этот автор, знаменитый социальный антрополог, известен также шутливой фразой: The trouble with my wife is that she is a whore in the kitchen and a cook in the bed).
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